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Pools in Northeast Ohio


Choosing a pool for your family is a big decision. A good dealer can make your experience both enjoyable and productive. Our professionals are here to be sure you get the best pool for your home so your family has a lifetime of memories.

Things to Consider when purchasing a pool:

  • Size and shape
  • Step options
  • Depth of pool (Diving or non-diving)
  • Auto cover or solar cover
  • Water features (sliding board, diving board, spillover spa, deck jets, water falls)
  • Heater options (natural gas, propane gas, electric heat pump)
  • Chlorine generator or Automatic chlorine feeder

One-Piece Fiberglass Pools

Your pool is available in a variety of styles and finishes, with inlaid ceramic tile options to create finishing touches in designs, perimeter edging, even mosaics. Customize the look of your pool with unique designs and colors. The color of your pool will establish the framework for its overall appearance. Our professionals are available to help you choose the perfect accents and designs.

Add cascades for the relaxing look and atmosphere created by the sound of running water

Vinyl Liner Pools

Available in any size or shape, these pools are frequently chosen for their rugged framing and bracing system. The framework and walls are practically impervious to corrosion, making them the top choice for pool owners seeking superior strength and durability.

Pool Lighting

Enjoy your pool day and night by adding fiber optic lighting from Fiberstars. A leader in lighting systems specifically for pools, Fiberstars offers white light, along with options of four or eight additional colors to create any ambiance from fun to romance. Installation options include enhancing your pool perimeter, a cascade feature, and landscaping and patio features.

Service, Repairs and Cleaning

Rely on our professionals for any pool repair or renovation, as well as maintenance services to maximize your enjoyment for the summer season. For the most convenient way to keep your pool clean and water sparkling, consider an in-floor cleaning system that circulates and heats the water and distributes chemicals.
Cleaning systems from Northeastern Pools:

  • Northeastern Pools & Spas Circulation System – includes two pop-up nozzles in the pool floor
  • VANTAGE System – includes full network of nozzles to clean entire pool floor
  • VANTAGE Plus – additional nozzles in provide maximum cleaning
  • VANTAGE Deluxe – nozzles work in tandem with a debris canister to catch and hold large debris

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